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Support groups

Nine out of ten of our members believe it’s important to have a listening ear when they need it, and to be able to talk to other people in a similar situation. People who know about the feelings – like isolation, frustration and fear – that, at times, may be just as challenging as the more visible realities of life with a bleeding disorder.

We bring people from all over the UK together to share experiences and stories and help each other to live life well:

Our local groups are a fantastic way to meet people from the same part of the UK for support, socialise, practical help, fundraising to help ambien online no prescription cheap others, and much more.

For those dealing with the stress of an inhibitor, when the body stops responding to treatment effectively, the inhibitor support group is here to help you through. We’ll put you in touch with others who’ve been in the same position and can offer you their own perspectives, encouragement and practical tips.

If you’ve upped sticks and relocated – whether to a new county, or a whole new country – our Global Family is the group for you. We understand the challenges of dealing with a bleeding disorder, and sometimes different approaches to care and treatment, when you’re many miles from your family and friends.