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There are lots of different bleeding disorders, all of which are rare though some are rarer than others. You’ll find more information about the different types by selecting from the options below:


Haemophilia A is a bleeding disorder where a protein made by the body to help make blood clot is either partly or completely missing.

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von Willebrand Disease

von Willebrand Disease von Willebrand disease (VWD) also known as Von Willebrand Disorder is a…
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Women with bleeding disorders

Women with bleeding disorders tend to have more symptoms because of their monthly periods (menstruation)…
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Inhibitors An inhibitor is a type of antibody that prevents factor replacement treatment from working.…
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Rare bleeding disorders

Bleeding disorders are conditions where the blood fails to clot properly. They are rare and…
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Treatment Centres

Treatment Centres Your treatment centre will be your local source of advice and support. You…
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Treatment Types

Treatment Types The treatment options available differ depending on the type band severity of the…
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Research & future developments

Research & future developments Around the world, work to improve our understanding of bleeding disorders…
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Research collaborations

Please click on the relevant links below to read more about the research collaborations we…
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