Talking Red – supporting women with bleeding disorders

Empowering women, dispelling myths, sharing knowledge

Talking Red is The Haemophilia Society’s campaign that urges everyone to talk about women’s bleeding. We want to empower women, share knowledge and spread the word that help and support is out there.

Women’s bleeding disorders can have a big impact mentally, physically and financially. Yet many people still don’t know that women can be affected by bleeding disorders. Thousands of women are struggling with common symptoms – such as heavy periods and frequent bruising – unaware that they can ask to be tested for a bleeding disorder. Living with a bleeding disorder can be difficult to manage and affects relationships, education and work. It can also be lonely living with a condition that some people find hard to talk about. There is no cure for a genetic bleeding disorder but there is effective treatment available. That’s why it’s so important to get the right diagnosis. You can make a start by checking your symptoms with our Symptom Tracker.

No woman should go through this alone. Talking Red is here to bring people together, share knowledge and experience to empower women to get the treatment and care they need. Join our community and help get everyone Talking Red.
Talking Red has been supported by a donation from Takeda UK Ltd. Takeda UK Ltd has had no editorial input or involvement in the development of the programme.

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