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Dental care – what’s your experience?

Written by Sam Wilson, March 11, 2024

We’re launching a survey to find out more about dental care for people with a genetic bleeding disorder.

We want to know how you access dental care as well as information, such as the impact of oral bleeding, to build up a clearer picture of how dental services can be improved.

The survey is being conducted in partnership with Nordic Pharma, which will donate £2 to the Haemophilia Society for every member who completes the questionnaire.

Finding a dentist can be a challenge for people with a genetic bleeding disorder, but, aside from tooth extractions and surgery, most work can be done by a local dentist.  

Dr Lochana Nanayakkara, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at the Royal London Hospital, is an expert in this field. She trains dentists to treat people with bleeding disorders and holds a weekly clinic for complex cases.  

Dr Nanayakkara said: ‘You don’t need to be a specialist to look after people with inherited bleeding disorders. With appropriate training and support, all dentists have the skills to make a positive impact on their quality of life.’  

She encourages people who are struggling to find a local dentist to ask their haemophilia centre to refer them to a practice and to take a letter of referral which explains their condition and treatment. There’s a draft referral letter in our dental care booklet which you can download or order from our online shop.

The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and is open to anyone with a genetic bleeding disorder or their carer. We will publish the findings later this year.

Find the survey here