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Tegen teaches school friends about haemophilia

Written by Aaron Dennis, March 16, 2023

We are so impressed by 7-year-old Tegen, from Wiltshire, who gave a talk to her class, and an assembly for her whole school, about haemophilia.  

“I told them that haemophilia is a clotting problem, and then our teacher helped explain what clotting means,” says Tegen.   

Tegen wanted to tell her school about the condition because her little brother, Jago, who has mild haemophilia A, will be starting there in September. The school then held a ‘wear red day’ to raise money for the Haemophilia Society. One boy was so inspired that he is going to hold a collection at his church for the Haemophilia Society too.  

Tegen said that her school friends didn’t know about haemophilia before, but that now they do.   

“We give my brother special medicine if he doesn’t stop bleeding, and we get an ice pack,” says Tegen.  

Tegen’s mum Rachel adds, “Yes, we have lots of ice packs; Jago is a very active four-year-old, a little crazy!”  

“I think what Tegen has done is pretty amazing,” continues Rachel. “She definitely has a better understanding of blood clotting than most children her age! She has always asked lots of questions about Jago’s condition, and she is very protective of him, which is lovely.”   

Thank you so much, Tegen, and well done, for helping to raise awareness in your community about bleeding disorders. 

Tegen’s hand-written note, letting us know how her awareness-raising day went