Glanzmann’s leading advocate set for UK visit

Written by Sam Wilson, November 6, 2023

We’re excited to be welcoming Taylor Anne Burtz, President and Chairman of the USA-based Glanzmann’s Research Foundation (GRF) to the UK later this month. During her time in the UK, Taylor Anne will visit the Royal London and Birmingham Children’s Hospitals, host three meets and speak at our Big Get-Together – sharing her knowledge and unique insight into Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia (GT) treatment, care and support.

GT is a platelet disorder which affects only about 150 people in the UK. As such a rare disorder, our understanding and knowledge of GT is still limited. Having the opportunity to benefit from Taylor Anne’s experience is incredibly valuable.

Taylor Anne’s personal connection to GT is profound; she is the daughter of Helen Smith, the founder of GRF, and the sister of Julia Smith, who lives with GT. She witnessed the foundation’s inception at the age of 11, gaining a unique perspective on running a foundation while caring deeply for its community.

What drives Taylor Anne is the lack of research and treatments for those who suffer from GT, as well as the inadequate representation of this condition within the bleeding disorder world. She firmly believes that in today’s day and age, no one should have to struggle for treatment or to be heard by their medical team.

Taylor Anne’s mission within the GRF goes beyond advocacy and awareness. She believes that her purpose is not only to amplify the voices of those with GT worldwide but also to leverage her position to connect those who cannot find or access resources with others who can provide assistance. Her commitment to creating these connections ensures that individuals facing the challenges of Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia receive the support and care they deserve.

Taylor’s itinerary whilst in the UK is as follows:

Sunday 12 November

2pm – Midlands meet. Cannon Hill Park, Russell Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8RD.

Monday 13 November 

12pm meet at the Hilton London Paddington Hotel, 146 Praed St, London W2 1EE.

Tuesday 14 November 

The Royal London Hospital visit

Thursday 16 November 

Birmingham Children’s Hospital visit

Friday 17 November

Meet in Leeds at the met Hotel in the evening

Saturday 18 November 

9.30 am – Big Get-Together