Takeda UK and The Haemophilia Society launch national survey results uncovering new insights into mental health impact for people living with bleeding disorders

Written by Aaron Dennis, April 22, 2021

  • The Bleeding Disorders Patient Experience Survey has been initiated and funded by Takeda and developed together with The Haemophilia Society. The survey collected data on the experiences of people living with bleeding disorders, including Haemophilia and Von Willebrand Disease, which impact approximately 36,000 people in the UK
  • Results reveal 50% of all respondents reported feeling depressed in the last year due to their condition 
  • Furthermore, 59% of respondents were unsure of who to contact for emotional support and 26% responded that they were not given access to psychological support but would have liked this 
  • The results also demonstrate the physical and lifestyle impact of rare bleeding disorders, with 76% of respondents indicating that they have had some difficulty undertaking physical activity/sports and 37% facing challenges being independent

You can download the full report and results of the survey here and here and also on the We Bleed Differently website which launched today at: www.webleeddifferently.co.uk/ 

The We Bleed Differently campaign was been initiated and funded by Takeda, and developed together with The Haemophilia Society. We Bleed Differently is a campaign to provide practical support tools for people with bleeding disorders and their care teams. We want to support people with bleeding disorders and healthcare professionals to have the discussions that enable people with bleeding disorders to live the life they want to.