Talking Red: Information Day

Empowering women, Dispelling myths, Sharing knowledge

The Talking Red campaign was launched to make women more aware of the symptoms of a bleeding disorder – heavy periods, bruising easily and prolonged bleeding after a procedure or childbirth – and to promote better understanding of what it means to live with such a condition.

We are now in the fifth year of Talking Red, and thanks to the fantastic support of women across the country we have spread the message right across the UK, but we have lots more to do. This year Talking Red is going to be bigger and better so please join us in raising awareness.

If you are a woman with a bleeding disorder, a carrier or their partner then these events are for you! There is always a line-up of excellent speakers on a range of relevant topics.

These events are a great networking opportunity for our community of women and girls with bleeding disorders.

These events are FREE and all friends and family are welcome to attend!

Unfortunately there is no creche available for Talking Red Events. 

Join our community and get everyone Talking Red.