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The Society's public inquiry team

Our public inquiry team is here to support you, our members.

The Infected Blood Inquiry has brought back very difficult times for many people in our community which is why we have set up a dedicated team to offer help and support.

Our team will keep you up  to date with inquiry news and help you play your part in the investigation. There is always a representative from The Haemophilia Society at every public hearing so that we can support those attending the inquiry in person.    

Our team is:   

Debra Morgan

Debra Morgan, Inquiry Lead  

Debra is the first point of contact for our members. She co-ordinates the work of our legal advisors, policy, research and communications, making sure that members and trustees have the information they need to follow the inquiry and fully participate.  You can contact Debra at 

Jessica Bomford

Jessica Bomford, Communications

Jessica is responsible for making sure that our members are kept up to date with inquiry news. She liaises with the national and local media, handles our social media and writes our newsletters and web updates.  A former journalist and author, Jessica has considerable experience of the communications industry. You can contact her at For media inquiries call 07973407011.

A special sub-group of The Society’s trustees has been appointed to work on the inquiry and report back regularly to all our trustees.  

Our legal advisers are Eversheds Sutherland, a global legal practice with offices across the United Kingdom, which specialises in inquiries and investigations work.  

Our legal team is led by:  

Peter Jones, partner in Eversheds Sutherland  

Peter heads Eversheds Sutherland’s Inquiries and Investigations Team which has acted for a number of government inquiries. These include the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Inquiry, the Shipman Inquiry, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, and the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry which concerned child sex abuse. Peter has been a partner at ES for more than 30 years.   

Angharad Hurle, principal associate in Eversheds Sutherland   

Angharad oversees the day to day running of The Society’s legal team. She liaises with the Infected Blood Inquiry, The Society and our members to ensure statements are taken and any questions or queries are dealt with efficiently. Angharad has considerable experience of government inquiries. As solicitor to the Jersey Care Inquiry she was responsible for the management of the legal team and monitored the progress of the preparation of evidence.   

Katie Gollop QC  

Recently appointed a deputy high court judge, Katie brings huge experience in healthcare law to our team. She is well known for her ethical work and has been involved in many high profile High Court cases, including that of 11-month-old Charlie Gard where she represented Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

If you have any questions about The Haemophilia Society’s involvement with the Infected Blood Inquiry or would like to contact a member of our inquiry team, please email us at:  

Eversheds Sutherland are experts in dealing with public inquiries in the UK. Find out more here.