Introducing the #TeamTHS London Marathon team (part two)

Written by Sam Wilson, April 18, 2024

Race day is fast approaching and our runners are in the final stages of their preparation. Some have already been to collect their numbers as they look ahead to the big day on Sunday.

So, without further ado, here’s the second half of #TeamTHS:

Eduard de Waal

Eduard is taking on his first-ever marathon for his four-year-old son, Daniel, who has severe haemophilia A. Eduard knew nothing about haemophilia before Daniel’s diagnosis and has decided to run the marathon to support THS and raise awareness.

“I want to support a charity that advocates for and provides valuable support to those with bleeding disorders and their families.”

Eduard has had a tough time in his training but isn’t letting anything stop him taking part. “My training journey started well and I relished the opportunity to clock up training miles by exploring the many beautiful natural surroundings in West Sussex where I live. Several injuries have made training more challenging recently…but I am determined to finish the race, come what may!”

Ross Bennett

Ross is the chair of the THS Youth Board. He has severe haemophilia B but has never let his haemophilia hold him back. Ross and his friends recently completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge (which they made a film about) and is now taking on the marathon.

“I’ve been motivated to run for THS as it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do since being a YA. This is an opportunity to do more than just attend an event and display the things I’ve done like being in the Jungle of Borneo or walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. It presents something that’s done every year and fingers crossed more people can follow suit in the future.”

Wayne Stainsby

Wayne was diagnosed with moderate haemophilia B at birth and has found THS to be a constant support throughout his life. That has now inspired him to run his first marathon in order to raise valuable funds so we can provide the same support for others.

“I’ve always found the Haemophilia society to be brilliant all the way from growing up and the support they gave my parents aswell”

Wayne has overcome injury scares during his training and has enjoyed pushing himself throughout. “It will all be worthwhile when crossing the finish line”.

Oliver Smith

Oliver was inspired to run the marathon by his two-year-old son Hugo who has severe haemophilia A. “Hugo’s a real trouper, who takes it all in his stride. When he has his treatment, he just sits there, puts his arm up and pushes the syringe in himself. He’s just a normal kid, who happens to have haemophilia, but he’s been through a lot.”

Oliver chose THS to raise money for after attending one of our Newly-Diagnosed Family Weekends which brings families together to share experiences and discuss care and treatment with leading clinicians. 

“We came away from that weekend with other parents with a different outlook. It was good to feel we weren’t the only ones going through this.”

Andy and Kate Ross

Andy and Kate were moved to run the marathon for THS through their relationship with our Chair, Clive. “We’ve heard Clive’s personal story over the years, and the work of the charity and how they support the haemophilia community. We thought that it was a worthy cause for us to get involved with.”

As part of their fundraising efforts they also held a bake sale at a local park run. “Not only do we have marathon training to fit in, we also have a baking marathon to fit in on evenings as well!”

We’re making our final preparations to cheer on all of our amazing runners on the day. If you’d like to join us, our cheer point will be on Victoria Embankment by Temple tube station. The what three words location is global.issued.glove.

If you’d like to donate towards the #TeamTHS fundraising efforts, you can show your support by sponsoring our runners here.