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New guidelines for diagnosis and management of von Willebrand Disease published

Written by Daniel Barnes, January 28, 2021

Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) is the most common hereditary bleeding disorder and there is a need to improve care and treatment for VWD. Many patients remain undiagnosed until they experience a severe bleeding episode that could have otherwise been prevented. Therefore, easier and simple tools for diagnosis are needed.

The new international VWD treatment guidelines provide information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of VWD. The report’s specific topics include initial screening, diagnosis, and management for patients with the disorder, directions for future research, and recommendations for health professionals training.

It is designed to provide a practical approach to the diagnosis and management of von Willebrand Disease in managing patients presenting with symptoms of abnormal bleeding. The report is primarily intended to help clinicians make decisions about diagnosis and treatment alternatives however, patients may also use them to help them make informed decisions.

These guidelines will inform the review of our ‘Understanding VWD’ booklet that is currently taking place.

The full guidelines can be read here: The diagnosis, evaluation and management of von Willebrand Disease