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Infected Blood Support Schemes in the UK

There are four infected blood support schemes across the UK which cover Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

You are eligible for support if:  

  • You were infected with hepatitis C and/or HIV from NHS blood or blood products 
  • You are the spouse, civil or long-term partner of someone infected who has died 

The Haemophilia Society is campaigning for fair funding across the UK. Payments currently vary hugely depending on where you were infected, which we do not believe can be justified. Find out more about our campaign here.

For more information about making a claim, contact your scheme:

England Infected Blood Support Scheme Email: Telephone: 0300 330 1294 

Infected Blood Payment Scheme for Northern Ireland. Email: Telephone: 028 9536 3817 

Wales Infected Blood Support Scheme Email: Telephone: 02920 902280 

Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme Email: Telephone: 0131 275 6754