Remembering on World AIDS Day

Written by Aaron Dennis, December 1, 2017

On World AIDS Day we think of all people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders and their partners infected with HIV as a result of treatment with contaminated blood products.

HIV/AIDS tore a hole in our community that can never be fully healed and in particular we remember the 1,024 people who have died and the family and friends they left behind.

However, we also approach today with hope.

We have hope that lessons have been learned and continue to be learned to ensure safe treatment for all people with bleeding disorders. We have hope that people still living with HIV can live well and with ever reducing stigma. We have hope that the upcoming inquiry can bring closure, justice and reconciliation for our community.

We are very grateful to Joseph Peaty who shared his powerful story which you can read here.

If you have stories you want to share, whether sad or hopeful we encourage you to do so below so we can remember and learn from the past but also help to shape the future.