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Government Response to latest Contaminated Blood Support Scheme Consultation

The Government has published the response to the latest consultation on the contaminated blood support schemes. It is available here:

A summary of the announcement has been published by the Department of Health

We are reviewing the new policy in more detail and will provide more information shortly.

Jefferson Courtney



  1. Steve Dorey 1 year ago 29th September 2017

    I am extremely disappointed to see that there is no change to the provision of the one-off £10,000 payment for bereaved partners/spouses, apart from the winter fuel payment. I had hoped there would be an ongoing support similar to that in Scotland.

    Also, I can see no reference to any help with legal costs (e.g. for PIP, etc.) as has been provided in the past by the Caxton Foundation.

  2. Martin 1 year ago 4th October 2017

    I’ve just watched Theresa May cough and splatter her way through the Conservative party conference , and her speech she mentioned putting right disasters and injustices in the UK. Failing to mention the contaminated blood disaster when listing all the wrong is that needed to be put right , can we trust this government to do a fair enquiry into themselves when Theresa May wants to get her head out of the sand.

    • PAUL 1 year ago 17th October 2017

      The government are trying to hide themselves from this disaster after all these years hardly anything has been done I got infected with hep c in the 70s/80s and was never even told at the time how this had happened until it was later said by a haemophilia sister late one night after being in hospital due to a bleed but by then it didn’t really matter at the time as my then wife was telling me I was a walking disease and as you can imagine led to divorce but then I had the interferon injections which have made my life hell after having them and with all the bleeds I’ve had I can no longer walk without crutches I’m in constant pain have lost my teeth and most of my hair and I’m a lucky one who lived through this mess that never should have happened in the first place to anyone I cannot imagine what some have gone through my prayers are with them all ! I get small payments from the Skipton fund which pay for my taxis to hospital and Gp appointments which are all the time now and there the only thing I leave the house for as I won’t go on public transport anymore as I don’t feel comfortable at all around people I don’t know and I was a very outgoing lad I wish I’d have read the side affects of the interferon as I wouldn’t have had taken it in the first place but thought that having it would make my life good again but sadly not

      • Louise 1 year ago 30th October 2017

        I am not a haemophiliac but was a healthy young 23rd old in 1977 had a baby and told that some blood would pep me up for going home.
        I am 6 5yr old now and spent all these years not well in out hospitals . Going through a divorce after 23rd got very ill, 8 months later told I had hep c .Totally ignorant of this was very afraid. I was 50years old and told possibley won’t get treatment because my age, then only have treatment if my body could take it. 6 months on 6 months off didn’t work. So allowed new chemo ribovrin /interferon. Another months on. Nearly finished me I lived on my own my 70 year old mum looked after me when she could. I wanted to go to an asilam. The treatment was cruel..rid of hep c with my liver just off cirosis. Still not well not able to work chronic fatigue syndrome. It was the result of the chemo even though no one will say that. No one has ever rang me from government or nhs when in 1987/9 they new that the blood was contaminated.and that I had been given two bags of the rubbish.if I had known at that time I could have been helped at least 10 years earlier. Ecton etc etc I could go on I could right a book on how it has ruled my life run through every vein in my body total changed that healthy young beautiful girl that I was. I am waiting to here from anyone about what do I do to get justice. Even a sorry.all I have had financially was the 20,000 then last year 3,500 a yr. Its an insult.

  3. dtane 1 year ago 8th November 2017

    hi paul know how you feel i caught in 81 had 2 lots of interferon definetly not nice but theres still hope i was given havony at the last week told the virus was not detected but i wont lie i still have the illnesses that was caused by the hep c hopefully youll have a better outcome

    • PAUL 11 months ago 3rd January 2018

      Hi Diane hope you are well ! Sadly my I’m going through hell still but there’s nothing I can do about it now my GP has now put me on anti depressants that just make me sleep and feel strange thanks again for your reply


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