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APPG on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood 8th February

The APPG on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood met last week on the 8th February to discuss the Agenda below.


  1. Introductions and Apologies
  2. Update on the call for a Hillsborough-style independent panel
  3. Passporting to benefits for those affected by the Scandal
  4. Developments in the implementation of the new Support Scheme
  5. AOB


The actions agreed in the meeting included that the Chairs will be writing to Bishop James Jones, Jeremy Hunt and the current support scheme administrators. We agreed to invite representatives from the current scheme administrators to address the APPG.

The members and other individuals present discussed a proposed submission to the Health, Disability and Work Green paper regarding passporting to certain benefits for individuals affected by contaminated blood. The proposal, incorporating some changes discussed at the meeting is available here. We would welcome further comments on the proposed submission. We would ideally like to receive all comments by noon on Wednesday 15th Feb so the submission can be finalised prior to the close of the consultation.

Members agreed to announce the next three meetings of the APPG shortly with dates to be confirmed in March, June/July and November. Other meetings may also be scheduled as required.

Members also agreed to proposals to better include the contaminated blood community and campaign groups. The APPG mailing list now includes representatives from campaign groups and other affected individuals. We hope that a number will be able to join each meeting of the APPG.

The full minutes of the meeting are available here.

Jefferson Courtney



  1. Christine Forbes 2 years ago 14th February 2017

    I don’t think there is enough getting done for the deceased estate It is like they have gone and been forgotten about and lost out on so much All this makings it right is so wrong and unfair as it’s all too late for the deceased They suffered too and unfortunately the HCV/HIV has taken their life’s from their loved ones Too late for help for them but least try make it right by helping their estates

    • Angela Newcombe 2 years ago 28th February 2017

      We need Justice for the Treloar College Haemophiliac Boys who were infected in the 1983, whom all fought so hard to stay with their families but not to be so. My son died age 22years ,6 years of hell for him and his family and now a everlasting piercing pain of the loss of a child.

  2. ian hayes 2 years ago 15th February 2017

    Thanks to the Society and the APPG for their continued support. Good to see that someone is still trying to get a better deal for us. Personally I don’t need a further enquiry. The truth won’t pay my bills when I lose £2500 from April 1. What I need is a good, fair solution at least as generous as that on offer to the Scots. I’m concerned that some of the self appointed “campaigners” who attend the meetings don’t recognise this and have so little knowledge and understanding of our situation that they harm our causes. I hope the HS encourage attendance by voices of reason.

    • Deby Hardy 1 year ago 11th October 2017

      Ian, is it really you? Its Deby (nee Chell). Did you go to Nailsea School in the 70s? I’ve dreamt of finding you for many years but have had no success looking. I just searched for you on Google yet again and your name came up associated with Haemophilia/Somerset.

      Please get in touch with me a.s.a.p!!

  3. Mary hatchard 2 years ago 16th February 2017

    I agree with ian hayes comment. Hep C led to cancer and a transplant for my husband. We need the same offer as the Scots so that post 70 we would at least be able to keep the heat on. No pension, mortgage not paid, we need money NOW not an enquiry.

  4. Mrs Gillian Purnell 2 years ago 17th February 2017

    The contaminated blood disaster happened pre devolution. The Government needs to explain why bereaved families are being treated differently in Scotland to England. Whether this disaster is treated as a crime or a civil wrong, how can the Government change the date to suit their convenience? i.e. It happened pre devolution it should be treated as such.


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