Welcome to our new trustees

Written by Sam Wilson, November 30, 2023

We’re thrilled to introduce two new trustees who will help to shape and provide strategic direction to the Haemophilia Society.

Lisa Bagley and Stacey McGeown were introduced as new trustees at our Big Get-Together conference in Leeds on 18 November and join the board immediately.

Many of you will remember Lisa, who has previously served two three-year stints on the board and returns with fresh ideas and energy for another term. Lisa is a carrier of haemophilia A and has close family members living with a bleeding disorder. Lisa works as a technology consultant and manages large teams delivering strategic IT programmes.

She has a strong interest in new therapies, informed patient choice, self-advocacy and ensuring generations to come get the best care possible.

Stacey’s daughter has the rare platelet disorder Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT) and is currently the only person in Northern Ireland with the condition. A registered nurse, Stacey hopes to raise awareness about GT and other bleeding disorders with her colleagues in the medical profession.

She says her longer term aims are to help standardise treatment plans, broaden the treatment options and close the gap in supporting mental well-being for patients living with chronic physical conditions.

There were two vacancies on our Board of Trustees this year and as there were two applications there was no need for an election.

You can meet Stacey, Lisa and many other trustees and staff at our annual Carol Service in London on 6 December.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Sonia O’Hara, who has been a trustee for six years, and Anna Geffert, who has served on the board for three years. Thank you both for your dedication, support and hard work.

Our trustees volunteer their time to give support and direction to our charity, and are an essential part of our governance. You can find out more about the role of our trustees here. If you’re interested in becoming a trustee in the future, contact Chair of Trustees, Clive Smith at [email protected].