Want to share your experience of living with, or caring for children with haemophilia A?

Written by Aaron Dennis, February 7, 2020

We are working with Roche Products Limited and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd to help recruit people to take part in a focus group about living with haemophilia A.

Roche and Chugai are looking to arrange a focus group consisting of people living with haemophilia A, or those caring for children with haemophilia A.

The focus group meeting will be held on Saturday 28th March 2020 in Birmingham and will last approximately 4 hours.

The objectives of this meeting are to help Roche/Chugai understand what it is like to live with haemophilia A in the UK, and to understand how people are accessing information and making decisions relating to the management of their haemophilia.

The meeting will consist of small workshop sessions and larger group discussions. In these sessions you would be expected to speak openly and honestly about your experiences, in the context of the scenarios and questions that are presented to you.

They are looking for the following people who would be willing to take part:

  • Between 18-70 years and have haemophilia A (any severity, with or without an inhibitor)
  • Care for someone who has haemophilia A (any severity, with or without an inhibitor)

If you would like to participate, please contact Alice Marshall on [email protected] . You will be reasonably remunerated for your input and your travel expenses will be covered, within reason.