The Haemophilia Society and Healthcare at Home –working together to improve the service to patients with bleeding disorders

Written by Aaron Dennis, April 26, 2021

We have been working with Healthcare At Home recently to improve the service to patients with bleeding disorders. Healthcare At Home have supplied the following statement outlining their new patient and parent forum.

Healthcare at Home are pleased to be working alongside The Haemophilia Society having established a new patient and parent forum. The purpose of the forum is to ensure a greater understanding of the patient experience and to ensure that the medication and ancillary equipment needs of haemophilia patients are integral to Healthcare at Home’s managed medication service improvement processes.

The need for such a forum was underlined last year when the level of patient experience was impacted following an IT upgrade. The forum was created to share experiences and discuss how improvements could be made. The first forum was set up and key learnings and next actions identified.

The patient and parent forum will now meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and agree priority issues and resolutions. A new dedicated patient problem solving process has been identified with Tracey Rice, a patient empowerment lead at Healthcare at Home assigned to resolve any immediate issues. Tracey can be contacted via [email protected] and all messages will be forwarded to her.

With further feedback from both the NHS and patients, Healthcare at Home has now also initiated a full review of current processes to:

1. Identify key areas for improvement

2. Establish root causes relating to any current issues

3. Implement corrective action

In addition, Healthcare at Home’s customer service teams are working on mapping out new processes which they are currently discussing with the referring centres and which are confident will improve the service:

Once approved by the NHS, the Healthcare at Home team will be reporting back on these improvements via the forum and discuss other advances such as a new patient smart phone app which is in trial.