Submissions to the Health, Disability and Work Green Paper

Written by Aaron Dennis, February 22, 2017

The Haemophilia Society produced a submission to the Health, Disability and Work Green Paper consultation which closed last week.

We commented on various aspects of the proposals to help disabled people and people with long-term conditions to get into or stay in work. Overall we welcomed the Government’s commitment to reduce disability unemployment and  provide work for all those who can, help for those who could and care for those who can’t.

However, we raised a series of concerns and other suggestions to improve the policies.

Our submission focused on calling for:

  • Improvements to the applications and assessment processes
  • Acceptance that work is not suitable or achievable for everyone
  • No reduction in the the support people get
  • Sufficient numbers of well-qualified work coaches
  • Higher expectations of employers
  • Joint working between different parts of Government
  • Transparency of funding and outcomes

You can see the detail of our submission here.

We also supported the creation of a submission from the APPG on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood regarding proposals for passporting certain people affected by the Contaminated Blood Scandal directly to PIP and ESA. The submission is available here.