6 things you can do this election to support people with bleeding disorders

Written by Aaron Dennis, May 19, 2017

1. Find out who your local candidates are by visiting this site and typing in your postcode or constituency. You’ll probably have got leaflets through the post but you can also find them online including on Twitter and Facebook. Ask them what they know about bleeding disorders and what their policies are for people with long-term conditions.

2. Tweet your support for our campaign for a public inquiry into the treatment of people with bleeding disorders in the 1970s and 1980s with contaminated blood products. You can retweet our tweet below and ideally tweet at your local candidates.


3. Join with The Haemophilia Society and other members of the Disability Benefits Consortium in calling for no more cuts to disability benefits. Sign the open letter to party leaders!

4. Attend an election hustings in your local area to hear the views of your candidates. If you have the opportunity you could ask them a question about disability benefits, the contaminated blood scandal or access to treatment. Take along our print-at-home pledge cards which you can download here or if you want to get them professionally printed as A6 cards you can give these front and backs to your local print shop.

5. Call for better access to new treatments and improvements in diagnosis for rare diseases by sharing the Genetic Alliance’s Patient Pledge.

6. Finally, if you haven’t already, you can still register to vote by visiting gov.uk. The deadline is Monday the 22nd May at midnight. Then on June 8th vote for the candidate that you feel will represent your interests and the interests of our community best in parliament.