Nicola’s Story

We’re joining Team 70!

Nicola and her family will be taking up the 7.0 fundraising challenge as a way of saying thank you for the support they have received from The Haemophilia Society.

At least four generations of women in Nicola’s family have had haemophilia C, which until quite recently was something they did not talk about. However, when her daughter Tegan was diagnosed with the condition too, Nicola was determined to be positive about the family’s haemophilia.

For the last few years Nicola, her mum Sheila and daughters Tegan and Olivia have attended The Society’s Talking Red event, which raises awareness about women’s bleeding disorders. For the first time, the family had the chance to talk directly to other women who understood exactly what they were going through. Attending Talking Red felt like a breakthrough for Nicola and Sheila and has become an important source of support for them.

And last year, Tegan, now 13, attended The Society’s youth camp which gave her the chance to be more independent, try new activities and meet other young people who understood about bleeding disorders.

Nicola said: “As a family, we really appreciate the help we’ve had from The Society. Tegan absolutely loved youth camp. For the first time in her lifetime I could be fully relaxed, knowing she was having a great time and that everyone around her understood about her bleeding disorder.

“The Society has given us a lot of support and we are really happy to be giving something back by raising money for the 7.0 challenge. ”