Share your stories

We love hearing about all of your fantastic virtual fundraising, so please do share with us why you have chosen to take on a challenge The Haemophilia Society!

However long you have been a part of our community, we want to hear how The Haemophilia Society has supported you and your family, and it would be great if you can include a photo of yourself or family member too.

We will share your responses on our website and social media over the coming months to help us to raise more awareness of bleeding disorders across the UK.

Please email us at [email protected]

Thank you so much for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ellen’s Story

The Haemophilia Society matters to me because they make you feel part of a community…
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Lesley’s Story

The Haemophilia Society matters to me because I know there’s other people just like me….
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Nicola’s Story

We’re joining Team 70! Nicola and her family will be taking up the 7.0 fundraising…
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Simona’s Story

The Haemophilia Society matters to me because….it’s really helpful to know that someone is actually…
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Jodie’s Story

When we attended the newly diagnosed family weekend in Longleat in 2018 Thomas was 9…
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Susan’s Story

It gave my husband and I help, hope and understanding at a time when there…
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Donna’s Story

The Haemophilia Society has been there for myself and my son since he was born…
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Bill’s Story

Bill Payne was born the same year The Haemophilia Society was created and remained loyal…
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Keith’s Story

Keith Colthorpe has lived with severe haemophilia all his life – yet thanks to a…
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Bailey’s Story

Hi, I am Bailey and I have severe haemophilia A. During my childhood, I was…
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Hannah’s Story

For over 25 years the society has provided my family with support. From my brother’s…
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