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Our request to Sir Keir Starmer MP

Written by Aaron Dennis, March 1, 2023

Today, 1 March, we have written to Sir Keir Starmer MP, to ask that he and the Labour Party commit to support the recommendations of the Infected Blood Inquiry when Sir Brian Langstaff’s report is published in autumn 2023. Here is the full copy of the letter, sent from THS’s Chief Executive Kate Burt and our Chair, Clive Smith.

Dear Sir Keir,

You will be aware that the Infected Blood Inquiry is drawing to a close, with its Chair, Sir Brian
Langstaff, expected to publish his final report in autumn 2023. He will also publish a second interim
recommendation on a compensation framework within the next weeks.

We are writing to ask for your commitment that should you form the next government, you will
implement the inquiry’s recommendations, including a fair compensation scheme. Those who were
infected and their families need certainty that a future Labour government is on their side. Whether
Labour is in government or opposition, we ask you today to publicly support those who were infected
and affected in their long fight for recognition, truth and justice.

In addition to measures which will improve the lives of those infected and affected, we hope that the
inquiry will produce a series of recommendations which will ensure that lessons are learnt. We can all
agree that another NHS treatment disaster of this scale can never be allowed to happen again. We
trust that you will support any moves to improve candour, transparency and accountability within
government and the NHS, should they be recommended by the inquiry.

You may remember that in February 2022 you met Clive Smith, Chair of the Haemophilia Society, to
discuss the Infected Blood Inquiry and we were grateful for your interest. We would be happy to meet
you and your health team again to discuss the evidence from the Infected Blood Inquiry and what we
at the Haemophilia Society think should happen next.

We firmly believe that one reason the Infected Blood Inquiry was announced in 2017 after so many
years of pressure was because of a united position of support from the UK’s opposition parties. This
united voice is needed once again to exert maximum pressure on the government to act on the
recommendations of the inquiry.

Poor health and advancing years mean that time is not on our community’s side. Any delay in implementing the inquiry’s recommendations will result in more people dying before they receive
the compensation they deserve. Please do all you can to support us.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Burt, Chief Executive
Clive Smith, Chair
The Haemophilia Society