Jack’s 30-day running challenge

Written by Sam Wilson, December 19, 2023

While most of us were trying to keep warm and dry in November, 18-year-old Jack braved the elements to run at least 10 kilometres every day to raise money for the Haemophilia Society.

Jack, who has moderate haemophilia, clocked up 321 kilometres during November and has so far raised £1,380. It’s not too late to boost his total – his fundraising page is open until Christmas Day.

As a child, Jack attended one of our Youth Camps in the Lake District and really enjoyed the experience. He said: ‘It was the first time I’d been around people with haemophilia and it was good fun. It made me speak out more about having haemophilia because I realised that there were lots of other people with it and it didn’t feel like such an obscure condition.’

He started running aged eight and has enjoyed the sport ever since. Jack’s mates at his running club in Skipton supported him on some of his fundraising runs and friends joined him on other runs to keep him company.

Jack is on twice-weekly prophylaxis but didn’t need to adjust his treatment regime too much to accommodate his intense month of running. His condition does not generally impact on his day-to-day activities. He said: ‘You just get used to being a bit more bruised and a bit more sore than other people, but I treat it as a normal thing and don’t let having haemophilia stop me doing what I want to do.’

After Christmas Jack will be concentrating on revision as he prepares to take his A’ levels this summer, after which he hopes to study engineering at university.

He said: ‘It was very nice to have a rest when I got to December, but I really fancied the challenge of running every day and it was great to raise money for a charity which does so much good.’

Could you raise money for the Haemophilia Society? There are loads of upcoming events in 2024 taking place around the UK. Find out more here.