A special cause for a special day

Written by Sam Wilson, October 2, 2023

When Toni and Matt got married after 17 years together, they asked their guests to consider donating to the Haemophilia Society or the Little Bleeders charity instead of giving them a gift. 

The couple’s generosity and that of their guests has resulted in donations of well over £500 and has helped to raise awareness about haemophilia among their family and friends.  

Toni and Matt’s son, Elliot, 10, has severe haemophilia A, a diagnosis that came as a shock to the family. Since then, the family, including their younger daughter Lily, has had support from the Haemophilia Society and have been inspired by Alex Dowsett, the former professional cyclist and founder of the Little Bleeders charity, which encourages young people with a bleeding disorder to be active. 

Elliot attended our Youth Camp this summer for the first time and loved the experience.  

Toni said: ‘Matt and I have been together a long time. We don’t need anything, so we didn’t want any gifts, but people really wanted to give us something. The Haemophilia Society has always been there for us and Alex Dowsett has been a great inspiration with everything that he’s achieved, so it felt like the right thing to ask for donations for the two charities. It also raised awareness about haemophilia among our guests.’ 

Thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Smith and their guests for your generous donations!