How to double your fundraising results 

Written by Aaron Dennis, May 5, 2023

Having a sympathetic employer can really boost your fundraising, as Emma discovered when her firm doubled her donation to the Haemophilia Society.

Emma, whose brother Scott has severe haemophilia, raised £264 with her colleague Sharon by holding a cake sale at her office on World Haemophilia Day. Their employer, the medical diagnostic firm Sysmex UK, agreed to match-fund the amount, boosting the total to a fantastic £528!

Emma said: ‘Raising so much money from our cake sale felt like a big achievement. I’m proud to work for a company that was prepared to support our fundraising, which made such a difference to the final amount.’

The cake sale was also a chance to start conversations about haemophilia with colleagues and talk about the work of the Haemophilia Society (THS), which Emma is very familiar with as Scott is a former Youth Ambassador and now works in our fundraising team.

Emma said: ‘The support that THS provides for people with haemophilia and also their families is amazing and I’m really glad to be able to help that work continue.’

Thank you, Emma, Sharon and everyone at Sysmex UK for your support! 

There are lots of ways that employers can help with fund-raising and charity donations.

Ask your boss about: 

  • Payroll Giving Scheme
  • Match-funding charity fundraising
  • Hosting a fundraising event
  • Nominating the Haemophilia Society as your firm’s Charity of the Year
  • Volunteering days

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