Haemtrack’s web app launched  

Written by Sam Wilson, September 20, 2023

Haemtrack’s new website app goes live today [20 September], replacing its phone app. 

The new website app works in a similar way to the phone app and can be accessed using your existing Haemtrack user details. To add a shortcut to the app on your phone, follow these instructions.

Haemtrack was introduced more than 15 years ago and is an online system developed by the providers of the National Haemophilia Database that allows users to record details of prophylaxis treatment and any additional treatment in response to an injury or spontaneous bleed. The system is compulsory for everyone who receives home delivery treatment and recommended for everyone who has prophylaxis treatment. More than 2.5 million treatments have been entered since the system was introduced.  

The information allows centres to monitor your treatment and provides a national overview of products and treatments.  

The new web app offers extra functions that allow review of treatments in dashboards and the ability to choose to share data with multiple centres. Parents can also now manage multiple Haemtrack accounts from one device and the app does not require treatments to be synchronised. 

If you cannot log into the Haemtrack website (haemtrack.mdsas.com) or your account details need to be corrected on the app, contact your Haemophilia centre or Haemtrack staff either via [email protected] or on 0161 850 5075.