Updated Guidance for the Special Category Mechanism for people at Stage 1

Written by Aaron Dennis, December 19, 2017

The BSA which administers the support scheme for people affected by contaminated blood and blood products in England (EIBSS), published updated guidance for healthcare professionals filling in applications for people infected with Hep C classed as Stage 1 who are applying for higher payments through the Special Category Mechanism (SCM).

The BSA has written to all beneficiaries classed as Stage 1 as well as Haemophilia Centres with the new guidance.

The main change is that the final deadline for completed forms in the first round of applications has been extended to the 23rd February 2018.

Ideally, forms should still be complete by the 12th January 2018 but if more time is needed to gather the required evidence and submit the form then beneficiaries should notify the BSA of their intent to submit an application by phone, email or letter prior to the 12th January to be allowed the extra six weeks.

The 12th January is the deadline to begin applications and people who haven’t already done so need to contact EIBSS on 0300 330 1294 to inform them of their intention to apply.

The SCM forms and medical evidence need to completed by these dates in order for payments to be eligible for backdating to October 2017.

However, the SCM scheme will continue to be in place so in future if an individuals circumstances change that can apply for the SCM at a later date.

The new guidance also makes it clear that the form can be completed by a consultant haematologist or haematology nurse. The Haemophilia Society produced information for Haemophilia centres.