Sunny’s Story

My name is Sunny and I suffer from severe Von Willebrand Type 3. Generally, lockdown has been a challenge around acceptance of many things but mentally for a man who has never allowed VWD to consume my life it has been a difficult period but one full of learning and new experiences, a chance to learn and support those who are in need.

There is always a worry in the back of mind, what if I have to go hospital, what if I injure myself severely, how will I get the care I need but it has taught me more than ever the importance of prophylaxis treatment and being on top of taking my medicine on time as well as iron supplements, I may not have control over every circumstance but I can do my upmost to keep my health in check.

Lockdown has also taught me the importance of regular exercise, usually I would go to the gym 2-3 times a week but as they are closed I have had to implement exercises and one of the key ones is walking to keep my joints and mental state of mind in fit state and I have never enjoyed going for walks every day as much as I do now.

Lockdown has taught me the meaning of appreciation of things I have, I am very grateful that I have medication delivered to my door and I am very grateful for the support of my hospital, who are there regardless of the challenges of Covid.

Growing up with such a severe bleeding disorder has made me experience great difficulties but it has also through, this pain, empowered me to grow. That no challenge or experience is too great and I am not defined by VWD but its a part of me.