Rosie’s Story

Living through lockdown caring for someone with a bleeding disorder wasn’t easy. In the back of my mind was the overriding feeling of not wanting to end up in hospital so I was definitely on high alert.

There were a few positives though, during the first lockdown in 2020 Louie learnt to walk, then to run and climb! The nice side was that we had time for him to learn these daunting things in a safe environment. Lots of time at home and out on walks meant that he got the hang of it safely with lots of practicing. He also grew very close to his big brother which is always lovely.

Another concern was that Louie started on Hemlibra in early 2020 so where he would have normally been having blood tests for his levels to be checked these weren’t happening for a while. It did play on my mind but all was fine when we eventually got to our HTC for tests in September. He definitely didn’t mind the break from the blood tests that’s for sure!

Rosie, Louie’s mum