Gemma’s Story

Caring for someone living with a bleeding disorder in lockdown has taught me that the important things in life are very simple and that as long as we have access to meds, care and love  which we did at all times that we’ll be fine!

Some things were more virtual but the haemophilia side of things were the same. I have to admit it was lovely to not have to wait from the phone call from school saying that my son had hurt himself or might have a bleed and to have to rush over and administer factor and something very reassuring about having him under the same roof all of the time! We also tried to be careful to avoid accidents as we were nervous about going into hospital with all the stories of Covid! 

Lockdown did make us try new things! He has started skateboarding in lockdown and built a big ramp in the garden with his Dad!!! Of all the sports to pick!! Hard to be careful when you’re skateboarding and pads and helmet were essential!!! 

It’s so important to us that he lives his best life and that he needs to be out there climbing trees and doing crazy fun things with his family and friends! Life is to be lived after all! Lockdown made it tough at times as we missed friends and family but we really did make the most of things and as usual the haemophilia just came along with us as it always does! Luckily not causing us too much bother! 

Finally, the fantastic thing was that during lockdown my son’s factor that he’d been on a trial for 8 years became licensed (for under 12’s) so another good news story during the pandemic! This was a proud moment for us.