Carly’s story

Caring for someone with a bleeding disorder during the pandemic has taught me….that even when the majority of things from our day to day lives are put on hold, our amazing NHS is always there when the unexpected happens.

Our 2 year old daughter who has type 3 VWD tripped over on Christmas Day and cut her mouth quite badly on a coffee table. After a few hours of being unable to stop the bleeding, I took her to hospital.

It’s easy to be negative when things go wrong (it was hard for her having to spend most of the afternoon and well into the night away from her Daddy and older sister… and toys!) but those medics were under pressure, short staffed, spending Christmas away from their own families on the front line during a global pandemic and yet they still treated her to their usual high standard.

An infusion of Factor finally stopped the bleeding and we went home. Not the best Christmas for us but it hit home (again!) just how lucky we are to have our wonderful NHS.