We want your views on scope of contaminated blood compensation review

Written by Jessica Bomford, July 6, 2021

We want to hear from those infected and affected by the contaminated blood scandal about what the recently announced compensation review should cover.

Sir Robert Francis QC has been appointed to lead the independent review but before he can start, he needs to establish the scope of his study – known as its terms of reference. He has stressed he will do this in consultation with the affected community.

The suggested scope of the study is:

  • To consider the rationale for such compensation
  • Give independent advice to the government regarding the design of a workable and fair framework for compensation for individuals infected and affected
  • To consider the scope of such compensation, and whether it should be extended beyond infected individuals and their partners
  • To consider the measures for compensation, looking at other national schemes
  • To consider the relationship between a compensation framework and the current financial support schemes
  • To consider options for administering the scheme.

The above ideas are the starting point only and may not all form the eventual terms of reference. The guidelines drawn up by Sir Robert will reflect the feedback he receives from those infected and affected as well as campaign groups and organisations. The terms of reference are designed to make clear what Sir Robert needs to investigate and what he should ignore.

The Haemophilia Society (THS) wants to ensure that our members’ views are represented when we submit our proposal on the issue by the deadline of 26 July. If you have an opinion about the terms of reference of the compensation study or have any questions about it, please email us at [email protected] by 14 July. You can also contact Sir Robert directly at [email protected]. Read more details about the review here.

THS will be holding meetings in the autumn to discuss the compensation framework so everyone has a chance to express their view and fully understand this complex issue. Join us for our first meeting on Monday 27 September at 6pm using this link: