Society welcomes Chair of the Infected Blood Public Inquiry’s call for ‘decisive action’

Written by Aaron Dennis, October 17, 2018

The Haemophilia Society have welcomed the publications of the letter from the Chair of the Infected Blood Public Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff, to Cabinet Office Minster, David Lidington, calling for ‘decisive action’ on the issues of financial and psychological support for victims of the Infected Blood scandal. https://bit.ly/2Ep3Wb2

Sir Brian’s call echoes the letter sent by The Haemophilia Society to the Prime Minster after the preliminary three day hearing of the Inquiry in September (https://bit.ly/2pWcZpN).  In the letter The Society said that at the Inquiry, Counsel for the Department of Health and Social Care was clear in her acceptance that things happened that ‘simply not have happened’ and committed the Department to assisting the Inquiry in every way possible.

The letter went on: “This is an incredibly welcome step as are the apologies by Government and the empathetic indications provided. But given the urgency of the need of so many of those infected and their families, we are writing to ask that action is taken immediately to better support those affected by this devastating situation. If Government remains inactive in the following areas at this point, and people continue to suffer, then the apology of Government and the empathetic indications, are hollow in the extreme.”

As an early action The Society has asked that the current different financial arrangements for victims that exist depending upon where victims were infected in the United Kingdom, should stop immediately and, as an interim measure, all should be eligible for at least equivalent financial arrangements as exist in Scotland.

The Society’s letter concludes: “Action by Government now to alleviate the healthcare and financial concerns of these victims, and the partners, parents and children of people who died, would not only enable them to live with some dignity, it would give substance and meaning to your and your Government’s words of apology and empathy.”