Remembering Nick Sainsbury

Written by Jessica Bomford, June 21, 2023

We were very sorry to hear of the recent death of Nick Sainsbury, who was a member of the Haemophilia Society for many years.

Nick, who was 59, died at his home in Hull in April. We were extremely grateful to receive a donation of £300 in his memory.

Nick had severe haemophilia A and attended the Lord Mayor of Treloar’s College in Hampshire in the 1970s, which had haemophilia treatment facilities. It was there that he believes he was infected with HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B as a result of contaminated blood products.

He went on to have a career in the civil service which was cut short due to his ill-health. Nick enjoyed travelling and had a great interest in the history of the first and second world wars.

Two years ago, Nick gave evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry about his experiences at Treloar’s and the impact his infections had had on his life.

He told Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair of the inquiry: “They called us ticking time bombs… We were just people who had been given a treatment that was supposed to enhance our lives. It was killing us.”

Philip, Nick’s brother, said: ‘Giving evidence to the inquiry was very important to Nick. He felt he and the other Treloar’s boys were treated like guinea pigs and he wanted to see the damage that was done recognised. It is very sad that he died before the inquiry published its final report.’

You can watch Nick’s evidence to the inquiry here.