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Written by Jessica Bomford, October 14, 2022

This week at the Infected Blood Inquiry there were two days of evidence from Professor Richard Tedder, pictured, a leading virologist who pioneered HIV testing in the UK.

Professor Tedder spent much of his career at Middlesex Hospital Medical School and was also an Honorary Consultant at the Public Health Laboratory Service between 1981 and 1991 and Honorary Consultant Virologist to the National Blood Service from 1999 to 2018.

Professor Tedder was mainly giving evidence about his scientific research which led to the development of the first HIV test in 1984. He told the inquiry about his work with colleague Professor Robin Weiss and a commercial partner to scale up the test to allow it to be rolled out to the UK’s Blood Transfusion Service in late 1985. There was also evidence about the hepatitis B and C viruses.

Click here for a summary of his evidence.

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