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Written by Aaron Dennis, March 12, 2021

This week at the Infected Blood Inquiry there have been four days of evidence from staff, trustees and advisers to the schemes and trusts set up to support victims of the contaminated blood scandal.

For the third week of the inquiry’s investigation into trusts and schemes, witnesses were: Russell Mishcon, MFT trustee 2006-14 and Eileen Trust trustee 2007-18, Alasdair Murray, MFT trustee 2014-16, MFT chair 2016-19, Susan Daniels, independent financial adviser for the MFT, Caxton Foundation and Eileen Trust 1991-2017, Jude Cohen, MFT head of support services 2004-05, Kate Rendle, MFT trustee 2012-13, Sue Phipps, Eileen Trust trustee 1993-2017 and Neil Bateman, benefits adviser to MFT, Caxton Foundation and Infected Blood Support Schemes.

Click here for a summary of this week’s inquiry evidence.

Full transcripts of the evidence are available here. A weekly summary of all previous hearings can be found here.