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Written by Aaron Dennis, March 26, 2021

This week the Infected Blood Inquiry has been looking the Skipton Fund and the Caxton Foundation, two schemes designed to support people infected with hepatitis C through treatment with contaminated blood and blood products, and their families.

There were five days of evidence in this, the fourth, week of the inquiry’s investigation into trusts and schemes. Witnesses were: Ann Lloyd, chair of the Caxton Foundation 2013-15, Nick Fish, pictured above, administrator of the Skipton Fund 2006-2018 and also assistant to the chief executive of the Macfarlane Trust and the Caxton Foundation, Professor Howard Thomas, director of the Skipton Fund 2012-2018 and trustee of the Caxton Foundation 2011-2018, Mark Mildred, chair of the Skipton Fund Independent Appeals Panel 2006-2017 and Charles Lister, trustee of the Caxton Foundation 2011-2015. There was also a presentation on the Skipton Fund by inquiry counsel Jenni Richards QC.

Click here for a summary of this week’s hearings.

Full transcripts of the evidence are available here. A weekly summary of all previous hearings can be found here.