Read a summary of this week’s inquiry evidence

Written by Jessica Bomford, May 28, 2021

This week there have been three days of evidence about The Haemophilia Society plus a one-day presentation from inquiry counsel on ethical and professional guidelines for clinicians.

This week’s witnesses were: Peter Wetherell, chair of the THS Cambridge local branch 1981-83 and member of THS executive committee 1983-5, Simon Taylor, pictured, THS trustee from 1985-1988, 1991-1996 and 1998-2002 and Karin Pappenheim, chief executive of THS from 1998-2004.

The inquiry looked at THS’s response to the emerging threat of AIDS in 1983, its campaigns for financial recompense for people with haemophilia infected with HIV and, later, hepatitis C, its relationship with pharmaceutical companies and the way in which it obtained information from its Medical Advisory Panel and leading clinicians.

Click here for a summary of this week’s evidence. Transcripts of the evidence are available here. A weekly summary of all previous hearings can be found here.