Inquiry to re-open hearings in July

Written by Jessica Bomford, June 27, 2023

The Infected Blood Inquiry will reopen hearings in July to get new evidence from government about progress towards a compensation scheme.

The announcement comes in response to widespread frustration and anxiety from those infected and affected by contaminated blood and blood products at the lack of information from government about how and when it plans to pay full compensation.

In April, Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair of the inquiry, published his report on compensation in which he recommended that ‘a compensation scheme should be set up now and should begin work this year’. Since then there has been no substantive response from government, except assurances that work was continuing ‘at pace’ behind the scenes.

Many had hoped that an announcement would be made on 22 June 2023 during a House of Commons debate on the issue, but despite hearing impassioned speeches by MPs on behalf of their constituents, Jeremy Quin MP, the minister with responsibility for the inquiry, said the government had ‘not made a final decision’ on compensation. You can read more about the debate here.

The inquiry has now announced that during the week of 24 July it will take evidence about the government’s response to the use of infected blood and blood products and the question of compensation. A timetable will be published on its website on 4 July and registration to attend the hearings will open on the same day.

The inquiry’s psychological support service run by the British Red Cross is still available to anyone who needs it. Information about how to access a range of psychological support services is available here.