Hep C Coalition Statement on Public Inquiry

Written by Aaron Dennis, September 25, 2018

he Hepatitis C Coalition welcomes the opening of this long-awaited inquiry into the infected blood scandal which has affected the lives of so many people.

There are likely to be people living today with hepatitis C contracted via contaminated blood products who have not yet been diagnosed. But hepatitis C is now curable thanks to new, well-tolerated therapies. It is crucial that we work together to increase testing and linkage into care for hepatitis C patients, both for those who are unaware of their status and those who have been tested in the past but who remain untreated. Indeed failure to do so could risk another NHS scandal later down the line.

While the inquiry gets underway and looks to resolve the past, it is positive that the NHS is looking to the future by aiming to eliminate hepatitis C by 2025. We look forward to supporting this endeavour.

The Hepatitis C Coalition