Call for pictures for the commemoration, 24 September

Written by Aaron Dennis, August 11, 2018

Plans for the commemoration to be held prior to the start of the preliminary hearings of the Inquiry on the morning of Monday 24 September at Church House are progressing.  The event aims to be simple, powerful, and memorable and will include photos, poetry, music, and factual information.

To ensure this truly reflects those  affected we have been asked to reach out to gather photographs of those affected or infected that people want to be included in the commemoration. Please send your  suitable images  to [email protected]. Please ensure that the pictures you send are at the highest resolution setting possible.

We are also looking for suggestions of poetry and readings that might be suitable which we will pass onto the working group and creative director who are tasked with arranging this event. Please send your suggestions to [email protected]

The group are also looking to create filmed interviews with people infected and/or affected which will also form part of the commemoration.  The filming will take place in London on one of the following dates Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5, or Thursday 6 September. It will be possible for individuals to retain their anonymity, but we will also need people willing to be visible in the film. Please do let us know if you would like to be considered for this and send your details to: [email protected]