Meet our new Youth Ambassadors

Written by Sam Wilson, October 27, 2023

Back in March of this year, we appointed three new Youth Ambassadors. Their role is to represent the interests of young people with bleeding disorders – advocating for their needs and ensuring we’re doing everything we can to support them.

Having now been in their roles for six months, we felt it was time we gave them a proper introduction.

Emily Smith

Emily is a recent graduate from the University of Brighton and has Haemophilia A.

Having been diagnosed at birth, she believes firmly in not allowing her bleeding disorder to restrict or limit her life in any way. She’s passionate about raising awareness of the experiences of women with bleeding disorders.

Zaynab Ahsan

Zaynab lives in Manchester and works as an Associate Practitioner. She has a severe Factor VII deficiency which was diagnosed at birth.

Having met learnt about the Haemophilia Society a few years ago, and attended a number of events, she joined our Youth Ambassador programme to advocate for women with bleeding disorders and raise awareness for the connection between bleeding disorders and mental health.

Peta Dixon

Peta was diagnosed with a mild unclassified bleeding disorder at the age of 18 which finally provided some answers to long-standing bruising and bleeding. She’s used her diagnosis as a motivation to prove that bleeding disorders don’t need to be a barrier to hobbies and sports.

She’s continued to surf, snowboard and play hockey as she strives to demonstrate her disorder is not a disability. She also recently graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in International Developments with Economics.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in finding out more about our Youth Ambassador programme please get in touch by emailing [email protected].