36 Challenge Resources Page

Challenge ideas and inspiration 

Not sure about how to challenge yourself between 17 April and 21 June?  Why not try one of the ideas below? 

  • Run 3.6km every day for 36 days 
  • Walk 360,000 steps in a month 
  • Cycle 36 miles a week 
  • Complete 36 minutes of exercise a day 
  • Climb 3,600 ascents on a staircase (that’s almost as tall as Mount Everest!)  
  • Do an hour of yoga a day for 36 days 
  • Swim 360 laps of your local pool  
  • Plank every day and build yourself up to 3.6 minutes 
  • Do 36,000 crunches or squats in a month 

Digital Resources 

We have created images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that you can use to promote your fundraising. Simply right click on the images and save them to your computer.