Stacey McGeown


As a registered nurse and mother to a child with Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT), an extremely rare platelet disorder, I have experienced the psychological and emotional impact a bleeding disorder diagnosis has on a family.

Being the only family in Northern Ireland living with GT has been and overpowering motivational factor to pursue a role as a trustee. With my extensive nursing background and current career, I will be able to raise awareness, educate and pave the way forward for supporting future families living with GT and other bleeding disorders.

My current occupation is in nurse education. I aim to use my developing knowledge and skills on bleeding disorders to raise awareness to both student nurses and staff via education. Being a trustee will enable me to communicate and advocate for patients and families who are living with bleeding disorders, especially GT.

My aim would be to help standardise treatment plans, broaden the treatment options and close the gap in supporting mental well-being for patients living with chronic physical conditions.