Nicola Sugg

Membership & Events Manager

Nicola is responsible for overseeing the development, delivery, and evaluation of our service programs and membership initiatives throughout the UK for people affected by bleeding disorders. She is a co-author of the information booklets produced by the Haemophilia Society. She is also a certified L3 Adult Mental Health Workplace First Aider.

She has over 28 years of experience in the bleeding disorders community.

Nicola worked at the haemophilia centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children, London, for 23 years, where she gained experience in healthcare information technology, project management, clinical research, healthcare management and health promotion.

Her specialist interests include Health Inequalities, Women’s Health, Sexuality & Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Health Promotion in Later Life, Public Health and Health Policy & Health Promotion.

Contact Nicola at [email protected]