Kate Burt

Chief Executive

Kate has worked in the charity sector for most of her career, most recently at Leonard Cheshire. However, when she saw an opportunity to support the bleeding disorders community, Kate jumped at the chance.

“One of my close friends where I grew up in rural Hertfordshire had severe haemophilia B, and we always knew that he had to be more careful than the rest of us. When he was 16 he had a life-threatening bleed which really brought home to me what living with a bleeding disorder can sometimes mean. The right treatment and care is vital, and so ensuring that absolutely everyone in the community has access to the best level of care, enabling them to live their lives to the fullest, is absolutely critical.”

“As an organisation, we need to become more relevant and vocal. There are 36,000 people in the UK living with a bleeding disorder, but only a fraction of them are our members. We need to cut through to reach our wider community more effectively, helping to ensure that everyone affected by bleeding disorders gets the support that they need, whatever stage of life they are at. We are at the beginning of an ambitious three year plan, working towards making this mission a reality. It’s a challenging, but exciting, time to be involved.”

As Chief Executive, Kate is responsible for shaping the organisation’s future development and in leading the charity to the successful achievement of its objectives, in line with strategies, policies, and plans approved by the Trustees.