Julia Collins

Supporter Engagement Officer

“Members are the heart of the Haemophilia Society, and I’m here to support you as much as possible, including through our member events and local groups.

“Our events are a great source of expert information, but they are also a priceless opportunity to discuss and share your experiences with other people in a similar situation, which is valuable when affected by a rare condition.

“We hold conferences, support events, Family Days, weekends for children newly diagnosed and week-long Youth Camps for children aged 9-15. We’re proud that we have great feedback from members about all these events, which tells us that all the planning is worthwhile!

“We are also working hard to reinvigorate our local group networks across the UK, which can be a great source of support and friendship in your local area.”

Julia worked in Dublin for the Irish Haemophilia Society for three years before moving to London in March 2021.

If you have any questions about membership, events or local groups, please contact Julia at [email protected].

Julia can also send out our free fact sheets and a range of helpful and specialist information booklets to members, so please get in touch.