Josh Taylor-Rose

Youth Ambassador and Youth Board Member

Hi, my name is Josh Taylor-Rose, aka JTR, and I have severe haemophilia A. I was diagnosed at the age of three and have been a Youth Ambassador since 2019, more recently I have had the pleasure of becoming an inaugural member of the Youth Board. 

My time at the Haemophilia Society (THS) has enabled me to self-advocate for my condition and I have been able go further afield and learn new skills and knowledge from various European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) events, such as Youth Leadership and New Technologies conferences, to help our members here in the UK. 

Closer to home I am involved in spreading awareness by attending Newly Diagnosed Weekends to help advise parents, as well as inspiring the new generation and speaking to our younger members at Youth Camp. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with members at future events.