Jess Page

Talking Red Ambassador and Youth Board Member

I am Jess and I have haemophilia A and von Willebrand disorder.

I have been a volunteer for the Haemophilia Society since 2018, where I started as a youth ambassador. As a part of my role, I have supported the charity at different events, such as youth camp, AGMs, and newly diagnosed weekends. I am a serving member of the Youth Board, where I have developed and organised projects to benefit my community. I have advocated for change at both a national and international level, having spoken in the Houses of Parliament in the UK and at events organised by the World Federation of Haemophilia.

I am proud to be the Talking Red ambassador because I want to improve access to treatment and care for women across the UK. I think it is important to raise awareness of bleeding disorders, particularly in women, because so many women in the UK are undiagnosed.   

Outside of my advocacy work, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what someone with a bleeding disorder can do. I am always on the go, and I enjoy being active and trying new things. Having hated sports as a child, I started playing rugby just after graduating from university and fell in love with it. I played for my local team for three years until COVID struck and all team sports were suspended in the UK. Although I do not play rugby anymore, I have continued to push the boundaries of my own fitness and I enjoy running, climbing, going to the gym and more.